Matteo Nuzzi nel suo studio. Nuzzi Design e’ un’officina di idee che si sviluppano in 3D, 2D, a livello grafico e di branding.

Our studio was founded in 2010 by Matteo Nuzzi, a cycling industry veteran. His dream has always been to merge his life-long experience in the cycling world with his strong passion for design and aesthetics. Nuzzi Design is a workshop of ideas where concepts and projects are developed at different levels: 3D and 2D projects, graphic design and branding.
The added value of our studio is the experience and the capability of industrializing products with our Asian partners, so as to guarantee the best quality and characteristics of each and every project.

"A design object is the result of the common effort of several people and their own technical, industrial, commercial and aesthetic competences. Designers’ task is to expressively synthesize such a complex teamwork."

Achille Castiglioni – designer

Nuzzi Design staff is well familiar with bicycles parts and always informed about the latest market trends. Our team is multidisciplinary: product and graphic designers, sales and marketing, engineers. We believe that diversity is a resource, and our teamwork allows us to create both highly technical and eye-pleasing products. From the frame down to smallest component, our job is to design technical and high-aesthetic solutions with keen attention to details.

Studio Nuzzi. Le persone che lavorano nello studio conoscono i prodotti e sono sempre aggiornate con gli ultimi trend di mercato. Il team e’ multidisciplinare: designer di prodotto, designer grafici, commerciali, ingegneri.